The Deliberation



by Donna Brown Wilkerson and Dawn S. Scruggs

 Why is it that “the one that got away” sometimes intrigues us more than the one that didn’t? Sara Anderson, a kindergarten teacher engaged to handsome young minister Daniel Parker, faces that question when she is called for jury duty and discovers that an old flame is the prosecuting attorney.

During a week-long jury trial, Sara faces a torrent of emotions – betrayal, bitterness, fear, and worry – all the while listening to the evidence in the case at hand. Despite her own troubles, Sara is drawn into the story of young Justin Hargis, the defendant in the case, and his assertion that he doesn’t remember striking and killing the young girl whose death led to the trial.

Sara suspects that there is more to the story than meets the eye, but she isn’t prepared for the answer to be so shockingly close to her own heart.

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Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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