The Boys of ’58


Just Released! The Boys of ’59


What keeps five young boys busy in a small dusty town all summer long?

Follow Sonny and his four best friends through the hot, dog days, of an Oklahoma summer, you will laugh out loud at the antics they get into and the trouble they get out of, as they use their brains and “God given-wits” to figure it all out. R.J. Burroughs brings the town’s people to life in a way that makes you smile and remember your own small town preacher or the 5th grade bully who you always wanted to get even with.

A warm delightful story set in a slower decade of the 1950’s, when neighborhoods had no fences and the local river bed was a place to enjoy a town picnic. Travel back with R.J. and you might even see yourself in a page or two.

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Printed Book: $10.95

Kindle: $6.99

Nook: $6.99

Epub and all other e-Reading devices: $6.99

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