Shadow Guardians


Shadow Guardians Front Cover$16.95

Brett A. Lawrence

For Abigail and Dennis Webster it was supposed to be a quiet anniversary dinner out.  Lindsey Maguire, a ruthless up-and-coming business executive, had things to do this night.  For each this one evening will see their individual worlds turned upside down.  Each will stand at the brink of eternity.  For the Websters it will be a mid-air collision over a dark Puget Sound; Lindsey will run afoul of a vengeful subordinate as brutal as her.

Unknown to them, or anyone of Earth, an alien race will intervene at the point of death to extract them.  They are the fortunate ones.  Or are they?  Nothing will be the same again as they learn the horrible truth behind their existence.

More immediate, they will have to learn to cope with each other as their altered existence lays bare the best and worst in the character of each.


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Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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