Screaming Eagles


Screaming EaglesFront Cover$15.95

Mark B. Dengel

Screaming Eagles is the story of two brothers and their quest for the Rhode Island State Football Championship.

Jack Bowden is the star linebacker and Captain of the team.  He is a celebrity at Sacred Heart High School and is returning for his senior season.  His brother, Sam, is only a freshman and doesn’t even want to play football. However, because Sam is a football Einstein, Jack encourages Sam to go out for the team.

While Jack dates the self-absorbed head cheerleader, Wendy Thompson, he must decide to continue to indulge himself with Wendy or move on to another girl, Jenna Witherspoon. Jenna is a girl that his friends and family find much more desirable. Sam, on the other hand, is repeatedly bullied by the team’s starting quarterback and must find a way to overcome his adversary.

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