Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher


By Sam Bennett

“It’s time for your music lesson!”  UGH! 
Do you remember those typical music lessons, with the eighty-year-old teacher rapping your knuckles while the metronome ticked-ticked-ticked away?  Well, forget it!  
 Dozens of hilarious family situations in “Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher” include lessons being taught in a car and a car hood flying up while on the highway.  Animals even abound, with dogs ‘losing control’ on feet, Beagles singing along, and a Chihuahua biting family members in awkward places. 
 You’ll discover a slithering salamander sneaking into a trumpet, and talking birds that repeat
embarrassing comments.  You’ll also find maniacal musical colleagues, with a toilet plunger and even a trip to the hospital described in detail.

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