Honest Advice for Teachers


By Susan Eubanks Stepp

Teachers spend their day answering questions.

“Who was Thomas Jefferson? What is an algorithm? Why does    Principal Watson smell like Nana’s rum balls?”

Well, it’s time teachers had their questions answered for a change. After teaching for nearly twenty years in both public and private schools Susan Eubanks Stepp has seen and heard it all.

Obnoxious parents, disrespectful children and micro-managing administrators don’t scare her and they don’t have to scare you anymore! They can be contained just like an outbreak of Ebola.

Honest Advice for Teachers will empower you to be the   teacher you once were before the heavy meds and uncontrollable crying.

If you embrace and practice Susan’s advice she guarantees it will   improve your school experience to at least average. And if average is good enough for our American education system then it’s good enough for you.

Go to www.susanstepp.com to learn more about Susan Stepp and her writing.

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