Bobby’s Socks


A tragic window of childhood death opens at summer camp within the hills of Appalachia as Mr. Diabolus sexually assaults nine-year-old, Robert.

Robert’s brain traumatized, a shame-based gene was switched on as a gentle whisper within Robert’s mind said – KILL YOURSELF. But Robert got lucky one day at school when he met a new girl, Ardee, a happy tomboy of a girl, she renamed him, Bobby, her Bobby.

Ardee moves away, years pass as Robert descends into mediocrity. Ardee, now a woman, stumbles back into Robert’s life. A sequence of events unfolds after Ardee convinces Robert to seek help from Dr. Richie when she accidentally finds out about his tragic childhood.

Ardee’s motherly instincts kick in and she does what every abused child prays for – she hunts down a predator, she defends her Bobby.

BOBBY’S SOCKS is Nathaniel Sewell’s first novel.

Print Book: $16.99

Kindle: $7.99

Nook: $7.99

All Other e-Reader versions: $7.99

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