Aspiring Authors

Dear Aspiring MSP Authors,

Thank you for considering Martin Sisters Publishing for your submission. Prior to submitting anything to Martin Sisters Publishing please take the time to read the following information.

The MSP staff goal is to publish 10 to 15 books each year. Although we are small, we are a traditional, royalties-paying publisher, that does not charge our authors any fees whatsoever to publish their books; we also do not offer a budget for marketing our authors’ titles.

We are not a vanity or subsidy publisher and we do not accept every submission that is sent to us – we are selective in our titles. We have to believe in your work in order to feel good about spending countless hours in the editing, cover-design and the distribution process. Royalty terms, which are comparable to other publishers our size, are outlined in the contract if one is offered. Authors may also choose to purchase books from MSP at wholesale costs without any constraints on where or how they resell their titles. This allows our authors to choose whether they would prefer to drive readers to a third-party vendor, like Amazon, and be paid their MSP royalty or make a bigger profit by selling books themselves at book fairs and other author events.

We do not provide the services of an agent but do walk our authors through the publishing process and answer any questions they might have. The number one priority for Martin Sisters Publishing is to handle our authors and their submissions with personal care, respect and courtesy.

When a manuscript is accepted the author is assigned an editor and a cover design artist. Both work with the author in a collaborative spirit to get the book into a publishable format. MSP provides ISBNs for all formats – print (print on demand), Kindle, Nook, Epub and other e-formats. The ISBNs will be listed under the imprint of Martin Sisters Publishing; our authors, however, are expected to obtain their own copyright through the Library of Congress if they choose to have their work protected.

We do have national distribution – meaning, our authors’ books will be available to book stores all over the country but may not be on the stores’ shelves. However, if someone in Seattle or Miami wants to buy an MSP book via a book store, that store can get a book into the reader’s hands within days. We are not one of the “Big Six” publishers and make no apologies for that. We simply want to produce great books which are sometimes overlooked by NYC agents and publishers. Aspiring authors who want to see their books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million should submit elsewhere. We must note here that some of our author titles have been picked up by Wal-Mart.

MSP lists all books on Amazon (print on demand and Kindle) and also offers national distribution through Ingram. This gives MSP authors an opportunity to schedule book events at bigger bookstores (which may then choose to carry the author’s book). Our books are non-returnable, however, book stores can order quantities needed for book events with a wholesale buyback agreement from the author.

We guide and direct MSP authors so they can put their best foot forward when promoting their work. First impressions are everything. We strongly urge our authors to look at marketing tools in order to attract as much attention for their work as possible. Marketing tools include posters for events, book marks, post cards, website and press releases.  Depending on the genre and book subject matter MSP staff members may have more suggestions.

We work hard to bring our authors’ work to the public and we expect no less from our authors once their books have been published. If you are afraid of public speaking, talking to bookstore managers and librarians about hosting events, or if you are unwilling to attend book fairs and other events to promote your work then we are not the publisher for you. Even authors published by much larger publishing houses must be willing to put in the time and effort to attend such events and be willing to put themselves out there in public view. Our authors must do the same and be willing to put in as much work as we have to make their book(s) successful.

We want to encourage our authors to continue to write, grow, improve and advance. Nothing would please us more than for one of our authors in the Martin Sisters Publishing Family to be discovered by the bigger world of publishing and media.


Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

Martin Sisters Publishing is an independent publisher dedicated to delivering a quality reading experience to book lovers.

Martin Sisters Publishing chooses its authors and its books with care to ensure their readers know they are the primary focus of MSP. The sisters want their readers to feel as much a part of the Martin Sisters family as the original family members who created the company.

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