Samantha Arthurs

Samantha Arthurs has been telling stories since long before she could even hold a pencil. Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, many of her early tales centered around her dogs and whatever fantastical things she could churn out of her loud imagination. Growing up she penned story after story, many of which she still has and a few that she even expanded upon as she got older.

As an adult she attended Morehead State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a Minor in Creative Writing. Here she penned several short stories and where she first began to realize that her dream was to become a full time writer.

After leaving Morehead State she took time off from school and worked part-time while still writing every day. She didn’t focus on anything serious until several years later when she began to pen what would become her first completed full-length novel Endless Numbered Days. While penning this novel she returned to school at the University of Louisville to complete a degree in Criminal Justice. While she still has dreams of writing full time she also hopes to work as a criminal investigator.

Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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