Nadia Seluga

Nadia Seluga was born on January 1, 1931 in a small village in eastern
Poland called Łunin. Łunin was in a
beautiful part of Poland known as “Polesie.” Unfortunately, Polesie
is no longer a part of Poland, but is now within the boundaries of western

Nadia and her family were deported in 1940 by the
Soviets from their idyllic life in Polesie to work and starve in the soviet
labor camps. They were lucky to finally manage to escape from the labor camps,
but it was no easy journey. After leaving Siberia, they travelled through central
Asia and Iran and eventually made it to the British Dominion of East Africa in
Uganda, where they lived for a few years before finally moving back to the
Western world sometime after
the end of WWII. Sadly, however, they would never return to Poland. All the siblings, including Nadia, married and had
children. They all now have grandchildren. Nadia, Marysia, and Janka are the
only current surviving original members of the adversity detailed in Nadia’s
memoirs, Far From My Home, Never to Return: A Polish Child’s WWII Memoir.

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