Malcolm R. French

Malcolm R. French was born in the small Delta town of Indianola, Mississippi in 1953.

He completed college at Delta State University in Commercial Design which expanded his appreciation for Art & Writing. Following this he completed degrees in Agricultural Economics & Business at Mississippi State University. With a passion for aviation, he completed his Airline Transport Pilot Certification and traveled extensively as a Domestic & International Corporate Pilot. He is presently completing the final work on his next two books; The Lady in the Corner and The Angel Stone.

Of all the blessings in his life, the one that exceeds them all was marrying his wonderful wife Kimberly Hope Netherland who through the years blessed him with three sons and three daughters, each of which, through her guidance, has a never ending desire to read and experience life.

Malcolm and his family now reside in Andover, Kansas near Wichita, Kansas where he writes and also trains Domestic and International Pilots from around the world for Flight Safety International, Inc.

His novel, Of Miracles Small, was released February 2013.

Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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