Honest Advice for Friends & Family

Honest Advice for Family and Friends$9.95

By Susan Eubanks Stepp

Are you tired of tiptoeing around angry Uncle Phil at holiday dinners? Have you had enough of your mother asking when you’re going to stop breaking her heart and get married? Is there a coworker you’ve dreamed of pushing in front of a bus on your way to lunch? You’re not alone. Welcome to the complicated and confusing world of human relationships.

Like you, Susan Eubanks Stepp has been confronted by disgruntled family members, chastised by disagreeable supervisors and manipulated into bad decisions by ex-boyfriends. Just as Susan helped teachers everywhere navigate the rocky waters of education in Honest Advice for Teachers, she’s now bringing her straight shooting advice to everyone. When it comes to relationship questions, Susan’s answers are what we’re all thinking but are afraid to say. It’s time to take back your life with the added bonus of annoying your family and friends in the process.

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