By Glenn Miller

They came together at a beach bar to drink beer and complain about the company they worked for, Grabmore Publications, a media empire. They complained, too, about the CEO and his 99-foot yacht, the Never Enough. They complained about his perks and bonuses and their furloughs and lack of pay raises. Soon, the usual employee grousing moved to another level and after some very haphazard planning they bundled the CEO into the back of a van to take him to Parts Unknown. At Parts Unknown they encounter help in the unlikely person of a shuffleboard-obsessed, pinot-grigio drinking woman named Troxie. “Grabmore” is a story of anger and stupidity, hope and redemption, baseball and literature, wise-cracks and witticisms and with an historical novelette tucked inside the bigger story.

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Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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