Endless Numbered Days


Cover Endless Numbered Days Front Cover$14.95

Samantha Arthurs

When Emma and Jack first meet, under somewhat dubious circumstances, they both know that there is an undeniable spark there. What they are not counting on, however, is how Jack’s biggest secret will impact not only their mutual lives but their budding relationship as they struggle with life, love and death, and what happens when all three collide. When two people fall in love, that is almost always the end of the story; in this case, love is only the beginning. They must learn to cope with the heaviness of not only being young and discovering themselves, but also how to pack a lifetime of memories into a few months of seemingly endless, but in fact a very limited number of, days. The time you spend with someone is not necessarily what is important. It’s what you take with you after they’re gone that matters most in the end.

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