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Murder for Bid by Susan Furlong Bolliger
$ 14.95
CLICK HERE TO BUY Former investment banker, Pippi O’Brien, has turned to resale merchandising for a living. Now, instead of trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange, she rummages through dumpsters, hits garage sales and peruses consignments shops in search of cast-off treasures to sell on-line … that is when she’s not busy playing detective. Join Pippi as she stumbles upon the mysterious murder of one of Chicago’s wealthiest suburban socialites and piles up a list of suspects and clues as disorganized as her over-stuffed apartment and as messy as her next trash-to-treasure project.
Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice by Kimberly Gould
$ 14.95
CLICK HERE TO BUY In a post-apocalyptic world, Eve has discovered power of more than one nature. In Honour and Privilege, Eve became heir to the throne. In Duty and Sacrifice, she explores and defines the power of the elite. At the same time, electricity is being harnessed for the first time in centuries, providing the first glimpse into the ancient people who left the world as it exists. The horror of this revelation could shake their society as much or more than a servant becoming monarch. Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice is Book II of the Cargon series.
Serenity Compound by Kris Noel
$ 17.95
Category:Science Fiction and Fantasy
CLICK HERE TO BUY When Alva Martin is sent to a training camp with her two best friends, a violent plane crash leaves them stranded in an entirely new world. Previously free of any form of sexism or oppression, she feels the difference right away in Shiloh, where a rough man named Alexander runs The Serenity Compound. At the strange school for teens, Alexander promises to let them stay until help can arrive. After only a few hours, Alva begins to feel how oppressive and unsettling their temporary home is. She learns that they believe in “The Culling”, a fancy way of saying that the world will end in two weeks due to a destructive race of aliens. Alexander believes it is his job to rebuild the world in a better way, along with the help of his best student. The gifted teen, Barnabas, begins to view Alva as his saving grace and enlists her in his attempt to break free.
Disorder by Peter Jensen
$ 16.95
CLICK HERE TO BUY Zachary Bujold is released from a juvenile detention center into current day New Orleans at the age of twenty-one, after a seven year confinement for murdering his parents. His defense was deemed implausible—that Zach’s twin brother, Louis, had killed their parents—especially since no family member or friend was aware of Louis’s existence. Psychologists were certain that Zach suffered from a multiple personality syndrome. Zach attempts to rebuild a life in New Orleans, and quickly becomes sexually involved with a woman. He also has an affair with his uncle’s girlfriend. When someone close to him is found strangled to death, Zach must find his brother before he’s arrested for murder one. A series of discoveries regarding the Bujold crime family adds to Zach’s fears, and, in order to extricate himself from a murder rap, he’ll have to expose family secrets that could prove to be hazardous to his health.
Fearful Cities by Emily McCombs
$ 15.95
Category:Science Fiction and Fantasy
CLICK HERE TO BUY Aislinn Celthric never wanted to rule her father’s kingdom, but after he goes missing in Japan, she is forced to take over. All seems well until a routine patrol turns into a deadly fight, officially declaring war against the demons of Earth. With the help of her friends and a mysterious new fairy named Dest Aislinn must prepare her people for a battle that could destroy everything they’ve ever known. With her personal life hanging by a thread and demons raging just outside the island borders, Aislinn must give up her past and become the person she was meant to be. Love, betrayal, and loss ~ it all comes down to one final moment when she must choose. Nothing is safe when the fate of an entire realm rests on the decisions of one.
Forget Me Not by Allison Blanchard
$ 16.95
Category:Christian Fiction
CLICK HERE TO BUYCole Dyami is a mysterious boy with a dangerous secret. Adeline Jasely is a typical teenage girl. Living in the seemingly normal small town of Great Falls Montana, Adeline is confronted with everyday teenage problems by a not so normal beautiful boy. As Adeline and Cole’s worlds collide, the line between illusion and reality is blurred. According to a tribal legend, Adeline and Cole are no longer two friends, but two pieces in a complicated mystery. Suddenly, Adeline finds herself in a world she never knew existed. Alongside Cole, she attempts to unravel the mysteries of the small Chippewa tribe in order to not only find out who Cole Dyami truly is, but who she is as well. As Cole and Adeline begin to uncover the secrets behind the legends of the Chippewa tribe, illusion slowly unravels into reality and friendship gradually melts into a mutual need of survival.
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Thrice Born
Summer Hanford's Series Continues With Plains of Tybrunn.

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